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Wholesale & Trading

kind of products that we offer:


  • Brand name new, certified pre-owned, and refurbished devices.

  • The latest samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola and other android devices.

  • Tablets 

  • Low to mid range android devices.

  • Accessories, cases, batteries, backdoors, bluetooth devices.


How we offer our products:


  • As-is customer returns

  • Full functionally tested

  • PTG (power up good LCD)

  • Scrap phone lots (boards etc.)

  • Accessory Lots (batteries, back doors, cases etc)

  • Defective & BER (beyond economical repair)



Grade A: Mint - Phone is like new condition with no to very minimal cosmectic signs of use.  

Grade B: Good - Phone cosmetically looks like a lightly used device and not like new.  Signs of                                       minor scratces visible.  However no deep cosmetic scratches or damage.  Similar                               look as a phone you have been taking care of and using for about 6 months.

Grade C: OK    -  Phone cosmetically has visible signs of heavy use.  Possible multiple scratches                                   and knicks.  However LCD/Screen will not be cracked or broken.

Digifon Products

We can help design and create the ideal product for your target market.  We have been helping operators provide products to their clients such as mobile phones, tablets, wireless data sticks and wireless modems.  We will build the ideal product for your market and deliver on our promise to help you maximize revenue.


If you are looking for a specific product to market to your client base get intouch with us


Current available digifon products.


  • Digifon Boom S

  • Digifon Cube

  • Digifon Smartphone 4.0  (coming soon, contact us if you're interested in being a distributor)


Our ecommerce site where you can view inventory and make purchases online. (Under construction, coming soon)

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