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Design, Build, Deliver

Since 2001, Digifon has been developing compelling wireless products and solutions by understanding the unique requirement of various markets. Digifon business is to deliver devices with local content and build devices for various market segments to ensure profitability.


D-team is comprised of industry experts with expertise in the end to end walls of the wireless industry , from Concept to Design Development, Manufacturing & Software Management, Wholesale & Retail distribution , and telecom operator business.  D-team is lead by African, Americans, Canadians, Carribbeans, Koreans , and global staff who work tirelessly to produce the best solutions for its customers and have over 16 years industry experience.


Digifon is a gateway for canadian telecom companies to reach the african and carribean markets.  Since 2001 we have developed strong working relationships with various mobile operators worldwide by understanding their goals.


For more information on digifon please contact Akeila Anikhovskiy at


Some of the Operators we have worked with:

  • Etisalat

  • Wind Mobile

  • Glo (Nigeria)

  • Starcoms

  • Multilinks

  • Visafone

  • Intercelluar

  • Zoom Mobile

  • Orange Kenya (Kenya)

  • Guyana Telephone & (GT&T) (Guyana)

  • Rwandatel (Rwanda)

  • Tempo Africel (Burundi)

  • Digicel Group (Carribean-Jamaica)

  • Cable & wireless (Carribean-Jamaica)





















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